Friday, January 09, 2009

Yellower and angrier

Missy, my sister, was conscious when she arrived at the hospital last week but they sedated her while they plugged her in to the system that's currently supporting her existence. After a couple of days they stopped the sedation but she decided to stay asleep for a couple of days more.

Then she woke up. It wasn't very pleasant for anyone so now they've knocked her out again after only two days.

She's angry. Not happy about something, possibly everything really. During those two days she was rarely responsive to much by way of answering questions with nods or shakes of the head or finger squeezing - these being the only options for someone with a throat full of tubes. Instead she preferred to respond with expressions of pure violence and hatred and attempts at ripping things out and off of her. So they had to restrain her arms and then she did pretty much nothing at all.

So now the question is, is there anyone home? My (very) basic understanding of the situation is that the blood which is meant to flow to her liver is finding that route impassable and heading off in other directions. Also, somehow, blood that's meant to flow to her brain isn't getting there and a lot of it is ending up in her esophagus. I don't know why or how. Anyway, the crucial bit is the fact that it's not been feeding her brain and, on observational evidence alone, she's getting worse in that department.

Initially she was conscious and distraught. Then she was unconscious for several days, then awake and partially responsive, going through to awake and hostile, then just awake. As I said, now she's been knocked out again so there's no way to tell.

I'm not visiting her today because, well, she's asleep. I'm not even certain she was aware of me visiting when she was awake so right now I can't see the point at all.

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