Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am NOT an ineffectual idiot!

OK, things go wrong. I know that. The interweb is a complicated thing full of plugs and sockets and wires and chips and hardware and software and general manifestations of the latest advances in technology that I have no understanding of, or interest in. I know that too.


I'm not happy. I go through the hassle of getting our Web Host to change the whole server thingumy to one that allows a forum to function (apparently it's complicated and requires database whatsists), spend most of a weekend, until 2am on Sunday, making it work and look pretty. I tested it all day Monday and on Tuesday I send out a launch email to almost everyone I ever received an email from, asking them to go forth and play with it, and several do immediately. They join as members, plug their businesses and generally do exactly what I hoped they would... then Internode crashes out our server for three hours and, when it starts working again, the database ends up reset to where it was the day before. New members gone, their posts deleted as if they never existed.

One step forward, two steps back. Grrrrrr...