Monday, June 13, 2011

Sick clothing for kids dressed to kill

AN Australian company is selling baby clothes featuring Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden and Ivan Milat.
The range of garments, in sizes from 000 rompers for three-month-old babies to T-shirts for children up to 12, has sparked international outrage.
The Ivan Milat baby romper has a picture of his face and the slogan: "Australians Just Love Backpackers"...

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Grumpy of Norwood Posted at 3:43 PM June 11, 2011
If I saw a baby wearing a Charles Manson T-shirt it would undoubtedly be the funniest thing I had seen that day. Seriously, the kids don't know who these serial killers or, worse still, politicians are. The images are meaningless without knowledge of the background story. It isn't corrupting them. It only means something to an adult viewing it and if those adults are offended then it only shows how thin skinned they are.
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