Sunday, May 16, 2010

How much do you expect for Sigma wagon sale?

I suspect I'll be lucky to get $2500. I also suspect it'll cost me close to $1000 in repairs before it's even able to be sold at all.

I'm not very happy about the Sigma.

Quick background for anyone else reading this. My father owned a 1983, 2.6L, 5 speed manual Mitsubishi Sigma station wagon. It only has 52,000km on it but that's because it's been sitting in a garage, unused, for about the last 10 years. It appears to be in nearly showroom condition.

Dad died about a month ago and Mum gave me the car. I collected it on Friday - had to jump start it but that's to be expected. So far I have discovered the following things in need of attention:

Tyres - plenty of tread but the rubber appears to have gone hard and cracked in places and so will need replacing.

Battery - although having been replaced a couple of years ago and never used, it now seems to refuse to hold a charge and needs replacing.

Gearbox - seems to have no synchro on 2nd.

Engine - sounds like a bucket of bolts being hit with a hammer when started. Once it gets going it sounds great but I'm worried.

Steering - Even accepting the fact that it doesn't have power steering, I'm sure it's not meant to feel as heavy as it does. It's almost impossible to wrestle around tight corners. This might possibly be related to the tyres. It also might not.

Fuel gauge - doesn't work properly.

There is also some problem that causes the car to stall when trying to go uphill, especially when the engine's cold. It just won't do it.

All of this I have discovered in only the first 48 hours of ownership. I don't feel like I've been given a gift so much as had a burden palmed off onto me. If I tried to sell it as is I'd be lucky to get $500. If I get it all fixed I might get up to $3000 if I can find some Sigma nerd. I suspect there's no such thing as a Sigma nerd.

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