Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Bah Humbug. I've been shopping for spotlights and power boards this afternoon and at 8pm my intention is to light my house up like an airfield. Landing lights, that's what I need and lots of 'em.

Fucking hippies.


  1. Natalie9:44 am

    Ok, it's been some months since Earth Hour has happened. I want to know where the report is that showed that we DID make a difference. How many gigomegabilbylitres of energy did we save? Sure the electricity companies could say 'holy crap - they all turned their lights off and we can't afford to have donuts in the kitchen tomorrow'. I for one DID turn the lights off, I found it quite fun... but only because I love fire and it was a chance to set first to loads and loads of candles. hmmmmmmm I want to know that we did some sort of measurable good. Too much to ask? Yeah, I thought so.

  2. Anonymous9:22 am

    Sorry to disappoint natalie, but the only difference Earth Hour makes is a net INCREASE use of energy. Firstly, power stations don't take any turbines offline (especially not for an hour, especially considering how long it takes to get them online) and in fact probably bring an extra turbine online the previous day to deal with the predictable surge load that happens at the end of Earth Hour when all the noongs who got sucked in by it, turn everything on again. Then you've got everything from all the contracted electricians driving around from company building to company building to deal with things at switchboard level, to all the truck loads of candles (and energy gone into making them) to consider. Sure, unplug your mobile and ipod charger when not using them, but turning off the lights of "Earth Hour" is neither a sensible nor efficient use of energy resources ... especially considering that the surge of turning some forms of lighting on is more than they would consume in an hour of shining anyway.